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Founded in Montreal in 2006, Café Concret is a seasonal bilingual cabaret of experimental puppetry and performing objects, installation and mixed­media art, and music. These events take place in venues around the city (La Vitrola, Casa del Popolo, The Plant/La Plante, Café Artère) and are part of the Puppet Slam Network.

Cafe Concret derives from the tradition of Great Small Works Spaghetti Dinner cabarets in New York City. Founded by veterans of Bread and Puppet Theater in the East Village in 1978, the dinners always combine puppetry and other performance forms, live music, and a meal included with the price of admission. They provide a venue for experienced and emerging performers alike to try out new work, meet audiences, and address current social, political, and artistic issues.

1514989_1022733271094258_160976496069864317_nThéâtre d’objets et marionnette contemporaine!!


Café Concret est un cabaret de courtes formes de théâtre de marionnettes, théâtre d’objets et performances musicales fondé en 2006. Ces événements ont lieu dans différentes salles montréalaises (La Vitrola, Casa del Popolo, The Plant/La Plante, Café Artère) entre trois et quatre fois par année et font partie du réseau Puppet Slam Network.

Café Concret est inspiré des Soupers Spaghetti à New York qui sont produits par la compagnie Great Small Works et qui ont été mis sur pied par les vétérans du Bread and Puppet Theater en 1978.



Café Concret is generously supported by the Puppet Slam Network. Check out their website here.